PT E12N / PT E15N / PT E20N – Economic Electric Pallet Truck

  • Electric Pallet Truck Series – ergonomic and economic as universal “Helper”.

  • Available as PT E12N with 1200kg, as PT E15N with 1500kg and PT E20N with 2000kg. As PT E15N SC as well with scale

  • Different models covering a wide range of applications. 

  • With these full-electric Pallet Trucks, goods are moved effortless on short distances. The electric lifting makes work more easier. 


  • The trucks are used for transportation on short distances for intralogistics or in delivery applications in light duty to medium- cycles.

Selectable with 1,2t or 1,5t capacity and 24V- technique as basis or with 2.0t capacity as powerful version with 48V- technique.


The PT E12N is the entrance into our “EDGE” – family . The model comes with LED- discharge indicator with error code identification. A magnetic key gives access to the Operation of the machine. This entrance model handles goods up to 1200kg.





The multifunctional display with hour-meter, battery-discharge indicator, pin-code-lock and error identification gives all important informations.
With it’s 1500kg capacity it is the base for this model range and is a perfect choice for many applications.





The PT E20N with max. 2000 kg capacity and with it’s brushless DC (BLDC)- powerful drive motor accelerates with the 48V- technique transportations. Ideal for applications where the higher capacity is needed.  The PT E20N is equipped as standard with curve speed control. Sideways castors give travelling stability. Specifically with lightweight loads and narrow curves these wheels gives addiitonal stability.



Common for all models are the unique genes:  Our Lithium- battery- technology with the unique battery- exchange. It ensures flexibility during the day and it is only from Noblelift in this perfected version available.


Universal in use, these trucks often replacing manually hand pallet trucks. They ensure accelerated and ergonomic effortless material handling.

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Datasheets: PT E15N  PT E20N
Brochure: Edge- Broschüre
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PT E15N in operation









PT E15N SC, our PT E15N with scale. Now available!