PS 16DL Electric- Pedestrian Stacker with Support Arm Lift 1600kg

  • Eectric Pedestrian Stacker  with support arm lift with 1600kg capacity


  • The PS 16DL with it’s supportarm lift easily travels over uneven floors, ramps or thresholds
  • The truck can handle 2 pallets at the same time to increases the handling performance a lot.


The PS 16DL is the ideal choice when it comes to handling 2 pallets at the same time or when the machine needs to be operated on uneven floors or ramps. Especially with handling two pallets at the same time, material handling becomes considerably more efficient.

With its leading brands powertrain in combination with the proportional lifting, handling of goods becomes effective, safe and precise.

The robust and strong chassis and mast s well the metal battery cover are design to withstand the professional applications.

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