PT 20D – Electric Pedestrian Stacker with support arm lift

  • Electric Pedestrian Stacker PT 20D with support-arm- and mast-lift 2000kg Capacity


  • The PT 20D combines the advantages of pallet trucks and stackers in one truck. the truck used as universal helper for loading and unloading operations as well for stacking operations in the warehouse
  • Due to the double lifting capability, the PT 20D can handle 2 pallets the same time.


The capability to handle 2 pallets the same time accelerates warehouse operations and makes unloading double-layer lorries fast and safe.
The centre positioned tiller with the centred drive motor helps climbing obstacles same as pallet trucks.

Wit these features the machine is universally used in loading and unloading or stacking operations in grocery stores, warehouses or everywhere the combination out of stacker and pallet trucks is required or helps to improve the efficiency.

The robust apron of 8mm- thickness, the strong chassis, the reinforced mast profile, the metal battery cover and the components from brand companies reducing high service costs and give you the reliability and performance which is need in this combined application.

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Standard sideways lowering/ lifting buttons helps during picking operations for instance on grocery stores or at machineries.