Easy Roller ERA 20 – Handpallet Truck with mechanical start-support

Triangle.jpg  The separately  activatable “mechanical drive-support” revolutionise the overcoming of obstacles with hand pallet trucks.


Triangle.jpg  Once the mechanical drive is engaged at obstacles, the drive wheel will be put into movement by up- and down- oscillation of the tiller.


Triangle.jpg  Through the momentary switchable system, overcoming of thresholds or short inclines becomes safe and is going to be performed with less effort.

Likely the Easy Roller is used where heavy loads are shortly st into motion oder positioned ( i.e. battery exchange systems). the “Easy Roller” – system additionally works as an parking brake into one direction (i.e. short inclines).  Particularly at thresholds, tail- lifts and ramp- offsets the Easy Roller is the equipment helping the operator to manage the transportation with heavy loads.

  For the technical data sheet and further information, please click here.